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Her own husband burnt her face with acid and she needs help

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The Story
62 months ago

Dear friends,

My name is Masha Zhigunova and I work at Vejthani hospital in Bangkok.

I'm raising funds to help a young mum who has been victim of a shocking act of cruelty from her husband !

Atsede Nigussie was so healthy before this bad incident happened.
She is only 26 years old, mother of a 5 years old boy and married to her husband for over 5 years.
She used to live together with her family in Ethiopia where her husband used to attack her violently, both physically and emotionally.
Then he decided to go to Yemen to work illegally and stayed there for four months.
Meanwhile, all of the house responsibilities were left to Atsede. She had to support her kid and her HIV positive mother by her own.
One day, some of her neighbors told her that her husband was back from Yemen but he never contacted her nor visiting them at home.
A night, it was around 11 pm when she was on her way back home.
After entering her home, she tried to close the door but noticed that somebody was trying to open it back. When she opened the door again, she found her husband standing there which one immediately spilled some acid all over her face and body. Shocked, she screamed and shouted for help and ran away.

As you can see on the pictures, her whole face including her eyes, both legs and hands are severely burned. Now, she cannot see at all because of the damaged acid has caused. She also cannot open her mouth to eat and drink due to skin contracture.

After the accident, her family took her to the hospital at ER Department in Ethiopia and they attended the immediate medical care.
Then, the medical team recommended her to get treated abroad for tertiary and thorough medical care and treatment.
Right now, she is here at Vejthani Hospital in Thailand to get the only treatment she can get as they cannot treat her in her country.

I am pleading everyone to support her as her son and her helpless mother need her back home safe and healthy !

Thank you in advance.

More information
Contact Vejthani Hospital : +66 2 734 0000

Update from December 15 2017
58 months ago

Atsede is still undergoing rehabilitation treatment. She has lost both her eyes and is now learning how to live without them. She had a very serious infection but has now overcome it and continues to receive treatment.

She is very greatful as she has the most important thing in her life, her little son to keep her going and also financial support from everyone who has and continue to donate to support her cause!!!

Update from September 07 2017
61 months ago

Atsede had debridement and skin graft done but they werent able to save her eyes..

We are looking for anyone who can teach her braille too so if you have any contact please contact me directly.

Thank you for your generosity guys, it means a lot to her to get support from so many people around the world !

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First donor
215 THB
I Doris
I am a little out of pocket at the moment, but plan to donate as soon as I get paid.

I am at a loss of what to say, there are no words to articulate why someone would want to hurt you like this. I cannot imagine how this feels for you, your son and your family. I am glad that you are being looked after by such a hardworking and caring team in Bangkok.

Sending love from London x

Top contributor
5,000 THB
Heartbreaking. Wishing Atsede the speediest of recovery. What little comfort this donation provides, I hope it makes a difference.

194 Donations
24 months ago
200 THB
41 months ago
326 THB
በጣም አዝናለሁ፣ አይዞሽ ነፍሰ
45 months ago
783 THB
Julie Smith
I have been thinking about you and sending you love
49 months ago
652 THB
BE stronger lady
51 months ago
774 THB
53 months ago
1,087 THB
Wish you the best of luck in your recovery. Sending prayers to you. X
55 months ago
598 THB
This is my third time donating. It's not much but I promised I'd make another. I think about Atsede often. I hope she is recovering well.
58 months ago
500 THB
Julie Smith
59 months ago
500 THB
59 months ago
1,000 THB

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