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Get started


How does it work?
Weeboon is a platform that allows you to raise money online very easily. Just sign up for free and create your own campaign in less than a minute. Once your campaign is created, all you have to do is to share it over social networks to family and friends and wait for the results.

Who can raise money?

Who can donate?

What can I raise money for?
Weeboon is set to help people to raise money for anything. But most of the time people choose our platform to help them with important life events such as medical bills, education fees but also simple events like weddings or birthdays. Pets related campaigns are also welcome on Weeboon.

Can I trust Weeboon?
Raising or donating money on Weeboon can be done in a total peace of mind. We use the latest encryption and secure platforms systems. All your donations are safe until you decide to withdraw them.

Is it free?
Create a campaign and share it is totally free. Meanwhile Weeboon will automatically charge 5% on every donations sent to you by the contributors. The process is totally automated so you don't have to worry about anything, neither your contributors.

Can I raise money anonymously?
No, you need to use your real name to create a campaign and raise money. But if you wish, you can hide your campaign on the website at any time so it won't be listed in the search results. Only people who got the exact link to your campaign will be able to access it.

Is it limited in time?
No, the campaign keeps going until you decide to end it.

What if I'm not comfortable to share my campaign with family and friends?
Sharing with the ones you love always gives results. That's how it works. Meanwhile, your family and friends will also share your campaign with their friends, which will contribute to even better results.

Do I have to sign-up with my Facebook account?
We highly recommended you use your Facebook account to sign-up on Weeboon as it is the best way to share with a maximum of people in a minimum of time. Don't worry, we will never post anything on your Facebook wall except if you ask us to do so.
If you don't have a Facebook account you can still sign up with an email but it might reduce the success of your campaign.


How do I withdraw funds?
Once your campaign has received donations, you can easily ask for a withdrawal through your profile panel without ending your campaign. Withdrawals can be requested as much and anytime you want.

How long does it take to receive funds?
Depending on your bank, it usually takes 7 working days to get the money in your bank account.

Who will donate to my campaign?
Your campaign will be supported by the people in your life such as family, friends, loved ones, coworkers, classmates and teammates. It is only after your campaign has received some support from people you personally know that it can begin to attract support from strangers.

What if I don't reach my goal?
No problem. With Weeboon, you keep each and every donation you receive. Reaching your goal is not required.

What if I'm reticent to share it with family and friends?
This is why crowdfunding works so well. You must share your campaign with your beloved ones first if you want to received support from other people. Crowdfunding is really trendy in Europe and USA for ages and works very well in Asia too, so don't worry and give it a try!


Can contributors donate anonymously?
Yes. During the donating process, contributors can choose to hide their identity.

How do I activate my debit card?
You can activate your debit card with the following banks : KTB, Bangkok Bank, SCB or Kasikorn Bank

Can people give on a monthly basis?
No yet.

How can I thank the contributors?
You can thank your contributors listed in the Donations tab of your campaign panel manager by contacting those who aren't anonymous.

Can I still donate on Weeboon if I don't have a credit/debit card?
Of course. We offer other ways to contribute to a campaign which include Internet banking, TRUE Money Wallet, ATM or cash payment over the counter (Counter Service).


What about taxes?
We are unable to give a clear answer about that here. The best way to get accurate answers regarding this matter is to contact your accountant.

Why does Weeboon charge 5%?
Weeboon is proud to offer a free-to-use platform to support people when they need it the most, and we simply would not be able to do this without some running costs. On top of that, we do not allow advertising on the website to be sure visitors focus on what really matters.


How do you review and monitor campaigns posted on your platform?
Weeboon is a non-curated donation-based crowdfunding platform, meaning anyone can create a campaign ready to accept donations in minutes. However, every single campaign created on the platform will and must undergo an extended screening process lead by our team of campaign reviewers for anti-fraud purposes. This process includes, but is not limited to, a full background check on the campaign author and his social networks. An ID and phone number verification may also be required in some cases.

What type of campaign is allowed?
Weeboon offers a wide range of categories that covers pretty much any cause or project, as long as it is legit and legal. However, campaigns related to politics or sensible topics are not allowed on Weeboon.

How do you make sure that campaigns posted on your website are trustworthy?
Every campaign on Weeboon has a story. Our job is to make sure this story is legit. We meet people, we do calls but we also do our own research in order to make sure there is no fake story on the platform and that Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing (AML / CFT) Policies are enforced.

How do you make sure that campaign authors spend the donated money as promised in their campaign?
Our job is to verify the legitimacy of a campaign. But the way funds raised are used by the campaign author is out of our legal reach as a crowdfunding platform. However, any proven misuse of the funds raised will be reported to the authorities.


How can I share my campaign?
Once your campaign is created you will be invited to share it on social networks, especially on Facebook which is the best tool to spread the word to a maximum of people in a minimum of time.

How do I know if it's safe to donate to someone?
Our team of campaign reviewers always do their best to deter fraud and investigate the claim of each campaign author. However, we recommend to only donate to people and campaigns you trust and personally know. If you want to know more about a specific campaign, you can always contact the campaign author directly by clicking on their name on the campaign page.

Can my campaign raise more than 100%?
Yes. If your campaign has reached 100% of the goal initially set, contributors can still donate until you decide to end your campaign.

Can I use Weeboon on my smartphone?
Application for smartphones is coming soon. In the meantime, Weeboon is mobile friendly.

What country is supported?
Weeboon is currently supporting causes within Thailand but contributors can donate from anywhere in the world.

I represent an NGO, can I use Weeboon?
Yes! We also offer a white-labeled fundraising module (API) that allows non-profits and corporates to create and customize a crowdfunding platform with their own branding and logo. Contact us for more information.

Is Weeboon only for charity causes?
Of course not. Personal causes are welcome. Weeboon can also be used to create a money pot between friends regarding group expenses of any kind.

Have more questions?
Contact us.