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Build a new enclosure to let the baby elephants free of chain at night around their mum

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2 weeks ago

CHI JUNGLE MAN is a small company created about a year ago for Chi who is from the Karen hill tribe.

You can learn about us on our website , Facebook or Instagram @chijungleman.

Chi’s main interest are the elephants with whom he lived all his life and loves as his family. He has a real connection with them and likes to take small groups to meet them, learn about them and take care of them in a quiet environment.

Chi was formerly working as freelance for others companies as a mahout and guide but now that he has his own company he can finally help the elephants he knows and cares for so many years by improving their daily life.


There are at the moment 8 elephants at the refuge where we work : 5 adults and 3 babies.

They have a flat space where they stay all together and can bond as a herd during the day, a big area that we have to rent in the jungle to let them roam free. The river where they can bathe is a bit far and they need to walk 20 to 30 minutes every day with their mahouts to get there.

The main problem is that the place where the elephants are staying is not fenced. There is a road just below, a village, lots of plantations and the jungle above where they are not allowed to go. Our wish would be to find them a better place in the jungle but that’s not possible at the moment.

Because of that they still have to be chained at night so we want to change this as soon as possible.

There is already one enclosure where one of the baby is free of chain at night and can walk around his mother as he wishes.

We would like to build one or two more enclosure for the night to let the others babies free as well.

This has a cost that we can't afford alone unfortunately.


That’s why we need your help to start this project as soon as possible.

We estimated the cost of the work at 200000 bahts.

Any donation will be really appreciated.


Thank you for your support in helping those elephants who deserve a better life.


Chi Jungle Man Team

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7 Donations
12 hours ago
3,654 THB
Daniel et Regine
2 days ago
500 THB
Stefanie bou
We can do it !!
5 days ago
557 THB
Susu na ka
1 week ago
1,058 THB
1 week ago
250 THB
Jaouad L.
2 weeks ago
2,059 THB
2 weeks ago
1,200 THB
Hannah Dewhurst
I enjoyed staying two weeks at the elephant home, I'm happy to help even if its only a little

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