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Create an E-soprts field for everyone.


Created on April 21 2024

The Story
2 months ago

Hello, we are a group of people who aim to establish the Standard Electronic Sports Field (SEF) organisation.

What is Standard Electronic Sports Field (SEF)?

Is an organisation that competes online games by organising online competition locations

50% of the money is supported we will take it to the system, 20%, hire a team of 30% for advertising.

What makes us want to do this

We see the gaming market as growing.

The market value of E-Sports games in Thailand is worth 3.8 billion baht or an average growth of 20% per year The number of players is expected to rise to 18.7 million in 2027 from the behaviour of using smartphones and playing games on smartphones.

In the past, in the corner of gamers, it may be seen as ridiculous Playing games does not make money, but what if playing games can make money and be part of saving the world?

Yes, we will donate 7% of our income to the organisation to save the world/nature.

7% of the income for the organisation to help with education.

7% of the income to the organisation to take to medical assistance.

7% of the income for the organisation to help animals

Every racer who applies to compete, their money is also a part of the donation, so don't worry that the money you apply for will be wasted.

Our goal is to make E-sport seen as a career.

Plus the law that recognises that E-Sports is a professional sport. We want the opportunity for people across the country to access this profession easily.

How we differentiated ?

Racers do not need to pay for travelling anywhere because no matter where the racer is, they can compete There are many places But the problem is that provincial players cannot enter the race because of personal expenses are hardly enough Or far from home But we will solve the problem by being a place to organise online racing, no matter how far the player is, can compete Just ask for the Internet and the game that we set We are equally open to racers from all over the country.

How to divide our rewards

We will organise the prize into 2 types.

1. Audience Awards: In-Game Items

2. Racer Award: Prize Money

Where does our main income come from?

1. The application of the player's competition is 72 ฿ per team If some games are single players or pairs, the price will vary.

2. The cost of advertising

What if the player uses a cheat program?

We have a way of managing, but we do not want to disclose our management methods.

If you donate to us, please use your first name or alias because we will write your name every time we donate.

If the project is successful, E-Sports will become another career for the young generation in the future and we promise that we will bring our project to the world.

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