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Life-threatening skin cancer

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The Story
6 months ago

Dear friends, family and people generous at heart,

As a last resort we are starting this campaign to help my Thai partner Chalisa pay for a life saving skin cancer treatment. She was diagnosed in 2022 with a skin cancer on her scalp.
At first she was responding well to treatment but she has had a relapse in September this year and our funds are now exhausted due to exorbitant hospital bills.
If we can raise enough money to do another round of treatment, we hope she will make a full recovery and live to celebrate her daughter's completion of her nurse apprenticeship.
Chalisa is handicapped since she lost a leg as a passenger in a motorcycle accident when she was 20 years old.
She lives an active life using a prosthetic leg I bought her 5 years ago.
If you can find it in your heart to help support Chalisa's recovery, we would be eternally grateful.
Thank you so much for taking the time to consider our heartfelt request.

Update from March 25 2024
2 months ago

Dear friends and family.

 It's been quite a long since my last update about Chalisa's cancer treatment.

Here are new updates about Chalisa's condition.

First of all she is always thankful for the financial aid  the moral support you have given her through your donations.

That has allowed her to start her a new treatment  even if it won't financially  covered  all  the cost to complete  the treatment.. But with such disease, time is everything. 
You have to fight the cancer cells, not let them spread by any means. That means no let up  in the treatment. 
Money comes and goes. Life is not. Once it's gone, it's gone for ever, never to come back.

That's why I ask you dear friends to help Chalisa finish her treatment through a donation.

She is reaching now half her prescribed radiation rounds.

She has been doing well, especially her mood has improved a lot. She still feels some pain in her abdomen but it's less acute than before. I believe she is on her way to recovery. But she has to go to the end of her  treatment without stopping if we want to see lasting results.

Please ! help her attain her recovery with a donation. Any donation  even  small  will be welcome. 
Thank you so much for your understanding and your kindness ! 
Chalisa is so grateful for your donations.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart 

Update from January 21 2024
4 months ago

Dear friends and family,

Here are new updates about Chalisa's condition.

First, she is always thankful for the financial aid and the moral support you gave her through your donations

It has helped us pay part of the last chimiotherapy treatment which is coming to the last round tomorrow..

Unfortunately the news are not too good.

The cancerous cells seem to have disappeared from her scalp. That's a positive development.

But the bad news is that they have mestastasized to different parts of her body, especially in the colon 

She has now reached stage 3.

The problem is that surgery can't be performed because of her original blood condition. She doesn't produce enough bloo red cells naturally.

Second, she has to stop chimiotherapy  because this treatment is having a bad effect on her  general condition and on her heart beats in particular.

Her doctor said to her that the only way now to treat the mestatatic cancer in her colon is through radiation therapy treatment . She needs to have 30 rounds of treatment.

The cost is overwhelming for us. She needs to pay 120.000 baths or 3.500 dollars even with her health insurance that covers half the cost..

This is Chalisa's last chance to be cured.

That's why, I am again asking for your help on behalf of Chalisa.  I am really ashamed of asking for donations once more. But what can we do ?  We have already exhausted our savings on treatments.
I want to give Chalisa a last chance because I can't contemplate her death. without doing nothing.

Please have mercy for her !!

The smallest donation will be welcomed.

Everyone of you friends, thank you so much for your consideration !

Update from January 05 2024
5 months ago

First of all let me thank all the friends who made a donation for Chalisa's recovery. I am truly grateful to all of you.  
Unfortunately we could only gather one third of the funds needed to pay back the hospital bills.

And Chalisa is still going to the hospital for treatment.

One side of her scalp is now free from cancerous cells but on the other side some cancerous cells are still visible.

If the doctor prescribes another round of chimio therapy, we will not be able to cover the cost.

Your help is still needed.  Please  help save Chalisa !!

She doesn't deserve her plight. 

Update from November 27 2023
6 months ago

Chalisa went to Khon Kaen hospital on the 24th of November for her 10th round of chemotherapy and laser. She also had X-rays taken. The examination showed a decrease in the number of cancerous cells. That's a much welcomed improvement. But the doctor said that she will need seven more rounds of chemotherapy on top of  the 6 rounds left on her actual treatment, that means 13 times more to go before she is cleared of  cancer, according to the doctor. Each round is very hard on her. Not only the treatment but also the long distance she has to drive to go to the hospital and back home. Every time she has to cover over 200 km. She goes back home exhausted, tired and dejected. 
But she knows now that there are people who care about her plight and ready to help pay her hospital bills with donations. Those donations give her also a mental boost.and much psychological support.

She would like to express her eternal gratitude to the people who have already donated and to those who are ready to do so.

Thank you indeed from the bottom of  our hearts.

Update from November 24 2023
6 months ago

Chalisa has been battling skin cancer since July 2022. Her skin cancer is of the aggressive type and despite several rounds of  treatment so far, her condition doesn't seem to improve as it should,  forcing her into another round of chemotherapy and laser treatment. 

Unfortunately her financial ressources are exhausted and she is relying now on a donation campaign for the crucial treatment needed to save her life. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference and support her recovery. Please consider helping Chalisa as she fights for her life.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your support means everything.

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First donor
1,000 THB
Please, do not worry ! Best wishes for a complete recovery

Top contributor
35,500 THB

16 Donations
2 weeks ago
15,000 THB
Roger Voltz
I pray for your complete recovery
3 weeks ago
2,000 THB
3 weeks ago
1,621 THB
1 month ago
4,024 THB
Christian Bouthier
All the best.
2 months ago
3,026 THB
Bob Hoff
Hi Chalisa! This is a small donation from Bobby and Rika, but it's full of all our best wishes, positive vibes, and lots of love for you!! Hang in there!! We are always cheering you and Roger!!
4 months ago
5,000 THB
David Jordan
4 months ago
35,500 THB
4 months ago
1,642 THB
Chili Ryder
5 months ago
4,039 THB
Yoshinori Mochizuki
I’m really hoping for the quick recovery!
Best wishes for you, two!
6 months ago
9,540 THB

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