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Note Suwan VS Paddy Doyle | Charity Boxing Match

657,107 THB / 330,000 THB
Raised by 308 persons in 23 days
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Created on August 14 2021

The Story
30 months ago

We are Note Suwan and Paddy Doyle, two Thailand-based YouTubers who are currently in Koh Samui, Thailand. Everyday, we see the beauty of the island, we feel the warm hospitality of the people but we also see the negative effects of what COVID-19 has done to the livelihoods of the local people. We believe Thais are resilient and things will eventually get better, but for now they need support and we want to do our part in helping. 

We will be hosting a CHARITY BOXING MATCH on Saturday, September 4th, which will be livestreamed on both of our YouTube channels: 

Flora and Note:

Paddy Doyle:

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of 200,000 THB ($6,000 USD) before the fight! All donations raised here on our fundraising page will go towards the local charity project, Food4Life - essential supplies for local people on Samui, lead by the Rotary Club of Samui-Phangan. Over 500 families are registered for their support and they provide them with 1 Food Package per family per month. Each package consists of: 12 eggs, 4 packs of Instant Noodles, 5kg rice, 5 cans of sardines and 1 bottle of cooking oil. 

For more information about The Rotary Club Samui and Phangan and how they are helping the locals, please visit their website:

Every donation is appreciated and we truly thank you for your support. 

Update from September 05 2021
30 months ago

In 22 days, 297 people have raised an incredible 632,182THB!!!

And that’s not all - there’s still a little less than 20 hours before we close this campaign so there’s still an opportunity for you or others to donate to this meaningful cause! We also have donations that came through on YouTube Super Chats to add to this amount. We’re waiting for those to process at the moment. 

We blew the initial 50,000THB target out of the water and raised over 650,000THB ($20,000 USD) for the people of Koh Samui! This is just incredible! 

The Rotary Club (Samui Phangan) will now be able to make sure that over 500 families on the island who have lost their income to the pandemic will have food and essentials for well over the next 12 months.

This was only made possible by all of you who tuned in, donated, and supported the event. 

Please stay tuned for our video next week on our YouTube channel (Flora and Note) where we will give you a full update on how much we raised in total, how we are transferring the funds to the Rotary Club, and what these funds can do for the Food 4 Life project on Koh Samui. 

Link to our channel:

Update from September 02 2021
30 months ago


A quick update on our fighters, Note and Paddy had their final training session today and now it's time to heal up, recover and then give it their all at the LIVE SHOW this Saturday! Get ready for an exciting fight! 

Another MASSIVE thank you for the incredible support from every one of you who donated to our campaign so far. We have once again surpassed our goal of 330,000 THB ($10,000 USD) and we're almost at 500,000 THB ($15,500 USD)! This is absolutely amazing but let's not stop just yet because the more money we raise, the more families we can help and for longer. Also on the day of the fight, any donations that come through our YouTube channels will also go towards the campaign total. 

The Rotary Club just did a food delivery in Lamai last week. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the people of Samui! 

- Flora, Note & Paddy

Update from August 24 2021
30 months ago

11 days to go until Note VS Paddy!! Thank you to everyone who has helped us crush the target so far. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Seeing the support and enthusiasm from everyone, we've decided up our target to 330,000 THB which is $10,000 USD! This amount can go a long way to help the families-in-need on Koh Samui and can make sure they have food and essentials all the way through till the end of the year. 

Please donate if you can or help us spread word of this campaign to your families and friends. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts :) 

- Flora, Note & Paddy 

Update from August 22 2021
30 months ago

UPDATE - It's incredible how much support we are getting for this campaign. In 7 days, we have surpassed our 2nd target of 200,000THB! 

A MASSIVE thank you to all of you who have contributed to this cause so far, and please continue to help us share this opportunity with others who are also interested in helping the people of Koh Samui during these tough times. 

Food4Life is an on-going project and some of the volunteers went out yesterday to deliver more food, essentials and baby formula to a local community in Chaweng. Thank you for the great work that they do!

Update from August 16 2021
30 months ago

UPDATE - In 2 days, we've reached our 1st goal of 100,000 THB!!!!

We have just increased our goal to 200,000 THB due to the generous donations flowing in from around the world to help the people of Samui.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who donated early! Let's try to reach our new goal before the fight. 

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The Little Dum Dum Club
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308 Donations
30 months ago
750 THB
Kylie Pickering
Well done Paddy and Note.
30 months ago
5,000 THB
Flora and Note
Flora and Note LIVESTREAM'S Super Chats - $187 CAD rounded up to 5,000 THB. Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the fight, donated and supported our charity boxing event!
30 months ago
6,000 THB
Paddy Doyle
Paddy Doyle LIVESTREAM's Superchats - $180 USD rounded up to 6,000 THB. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT SUPERCHAT's during the fight LIVE.
30 months ago
10,000 THB
Bonnie fan
great job everyone, rematch
30 months ago
1,000 THB
Neil Manis
Love the big heart you guys have shown us all. Truly inspiring. Thanks to all who volunteered to bring your boxing broadcast to us too!
30 months ago
650 THB
Jim Halterman
Bravo, Paddy and Note!
30 months ago
2,008 THB
Billy Oo
30 months ago
251 THB
Sue Viriyanon
Well done to both! My husband and I enjoy watching both YouTube channels.
30 months ago
100 THB
Well Paddy and Note!!
30 months ago
824 THB

Campaign ended

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