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Cochlear Implant Project

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Rotary Club of Bangkapi
The collective leadership and expertise of our worldwide combined 1.2 million members helps us tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, locally and globally. We are united by common values and vision for the future as we sharpen our focus with targeted specific causes that will reach communities most in need.
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The Story
70 months ago

Rotary Club Bangkapi is setting up this fundraiser to support "Out of the Silent World" Cochlear Implant Project in Myanmar.
Regarding this project, a team of surgeons will operate baby Tun Myint Aung, aged 4 years 6 months. His parents are Mr. Zaw Myint Myat and Mrs Mya Mya Zaw who live in Chaung Ka Lay village, Pan, TaNaw Township, Irrawaddy Division in Myanmar.

Birth History

The child was delivered at the district hospital with normal labour but because of prolonged second stage of labour there was deficient blood supply to his brain. When the child turned 2 years old, the parents noticed that there was no development of speech.
So they brought the child for examination at one small ENT center in Yangon. There they found out that the child was deaf and dumb. As he is their only child, they are very much worried and depressed.

Family background
The father and the mother of the child are very poor. The father is earning his money by selling chewing betel nuts and betel leaves on the road side. The mother Mya Mya Zaw is working as a cleaner and get paid US$ 2 per day at a small beauty saloon in their small town. Their income of two persons is equivalent to US$ 200 per month. They own no house and are living in a rented hut. They encounter great difficulties in surviving and even more by having to take care of their disabled child. They are in great distress.

Seek for help
The mother cannot take care of the child as she works at the beauty saloon. So the father has to take care of him while selling his stuff on the road side in front of their hut. The customers used to tease the deaf child but also felt pity for the family.

A spark of light
Luckily one passing customer told the father that he saw in the newspaper that Victoria Hospital in Yangon has a Foundation to treat such congenital deafness by collecting donation from the rich people. But for initial testing you have to pay about US$ 100

to cover the hearing test machine cost. The father answered they couldn't afford this, even for the traveling expenses to Yangon. But luckily, 2 friends donated money to cover the traveling expenses and the initial hearing test.

Victoria Hospital
Finally they came to the hospital and told the whole story. As usual, we tested the child's hearing level and considered the possibility of a cochlear implant and its success.
The parents managed to get the child on the waiting list. That was about 8 months ago. The parents were very happy. 

If you support and donate to this fundraiser, this child's life will be totally changed.
He will become a good hearing and normal speaking child and could go to a normal school for his education.
He can then become a normal man and can be successful in life.

But not only him, his parent's lives will also be changed with your donation.
This means you can change the lives of three persons. Right now.

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65 months ago
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