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The Story
15 months ago

Dear Friends, Family & Brothers,

We’re reaching out to let you know that we are kicking off a campaign to help Ralph we need your help!

You may have heard that Ralph has been diagnosed with a Brian Tumor after initially having a stroke.

The Tumor was diagnosed on the 14th February. Initially Ralph has a CAT scan for the stroke, due to something that was picked up during the scan Ralph was the required to have an MRI in which the Tumor was picked up at Hua Hin Hospital by specialists.

He then had a referral to seek further Specialists diagnosis on the 15th in Bangkok and it was then suggested he required further treatment due to the location (Near the cerebral arteries) and size (small lemon sized) of the Tumor, he is now receiving treatment with post op treatment on the 18th and surgery on the 19th of Feb at Siriraj Hospital II, Bangkok.

It has currently cost Ralph more than ฿1,000,000 to cover the doctors / specialists, medical bills and expenses.

We all love Ralph as a father, friend, brother, and family member and he’s always been willing to give a hand and help others in our community. He’s often helping brothers out with their bikes, or friends at their houses with maintenance sacrificing his time to help each of us out with expecting little if anything in return.

The effects of his illness are devastating however.  The prognosis, with the right medical care are good.

Ralph has covered the main costs of the medical treatment and the medical advice. Which has left him in a difficult position Financially.

We can’t provide Ralph with the Medical treatment he requires, but we can help ease the financial burden and the stress that the he is facing. By offering our support in a donation this will help Ralph and Noot get back on their feet, so any donations are welcomed no matter how small as it all helps.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery and good health for the future.

Update from December 15 2023
5 months ago

First of all I would like to thank everyone again that have helped and supported me.

Since my last update a few things have happend, my radiation treatment was delayed as the equipment at the hospital broke down and I had to wait until it was fixed.

The good news is that everything went well and looks successful,which I am really pleased about, even though a combination of the tablets I am on and the effects of the radiation make me feel like very tired and crap at times.

Also my hair has dropped out.

Since the treatment I have had blood tests and again all looks good'

Next week I have an appointment with the surgeon to discuss my progress and hopefully fingers crossed I can be weened off the tablets, but I will not know until that appointment.

The next stage is another MRI scan in march and if all well I will hopfully get back to the UK in April.

Update from July 20 2023
10 months ago

On the 14/07/2023 I was back at the bangkok sirira government Hostpital expecting to start my radiation treatment but was dissappointed again as it has been put back to september the 5th.

The first time they said it was because of equipment failiure and this time they want to do another MRI.

All of these appointments could have been done with a 5 minute phone call each time to let me know what was going on, instead of a 400km round journey 6 hours each way by train as it is the cheapest way to get there, and they tell me not worry or get stressed, easier said than done, because unfortunatley I do tend too as Im sure most people would.

I would lIke to say a big thankyou again to everybody that has contributed I really could not have got this far without your help, I am most greatful as every little bit of a contribution helps pay for my ongoing treatment, and hopfully my radiation treatment will be successful and that will be the end of it.

Best Regards to everyone :- Ralph

Update from July 07 2023
10 months ago

On the 28/06/23 I seen the radioligist to disscuss my radiation treatment, unfortunately the estimated price I was quoted of 200,000 baht (£4700) jumped up to 600,000 baht (£14100) which I really cant afford.

So I went to a couple of government hostpitals to see if they could do the treatment one couldnt and one could, and I got an estimated price of 300,000 this is the one I will need to go for to kill off whats left of the tumour with 6 weeks of radiation treatment.

The down side is that it is in Bankok so I will be at the hostpital each day Monday through to Friday for the radiation treatment then off for the weekend to rest, and it looks like I will be losing my hair (one of the side effects of the radiation treatment) But hopefully this will finally fix things and if all goes well that will be the end of it apart from one MRI each year to keep an eye on things.

Once again I would like to sincerley thank everyone for all their donations every little bit helped in helping towards my medical costs.

Kindess Regards: Ralph

Update from May 21 2023
12 months ago


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity thank everyone for their kind words and donations, this has really helped me.

I would also especially like to thank Marcus for setting this fund up for me.

The MRI photographs are of the tumour before the operation, I will try and get a copy of the post operation MRI scan at my next appointment.

On the 09/05/2023 I was back in Siriraj hospital Bangkok for an MRI scan and check-up to see how things were progressing after the operation.

Unfortunately, I now need radiation treatment to complete the job as there is still quite a bit of the tumour left, they could not remove this at the time because it was and still is adhered to the brain.

I will be back in Siriraj Hospital Bangkok on the 06/06/2023 for another appointment with the surgeon and the radiologist to arrange for the treatment to start.

At the last appointment it cost 35000 Baht (£819) as it also had the MRI scan,

They estimated it would cost 200,000 Baht (£4700) for my radiation treatment plus I would have to pay for my accommodation and food costs Est 30000 Baht (£700).

Because of the area where the treatment is they will be doing it in 28 fractional doses from Monday to Friday and I get to rest at the weekend, this means it will take one month.

I will know more after the next appointment and keep everyone updated.

As for my health just, considering I first had a stroke and then an operation to remove as much of the brain tumour as they could I am not doing too badly the seizures have stopped and I only occasionally get the odd headache and they are not as bad as before, this is with the help of the medication the have me on.

My strength is getting better by the day with exercise, the surgeon was pleased with my progress so far and thinks I will do well during the next course of treatment.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their help.

Best Regards to everyone: Ralph


Update from April 11 2023
13 months ago


Just a current update on Ralph’s situation, firstly thank you for everyones kind donations as it definitely has helped with the additional medical expenses post operation.

as everyone is aware Ralph had the surgery to remove the tumor which was a success and Ralph returned home after recuperating in hospital for a week or so.

On arrival at home and the during the first few days Ralph was experiencing headaches due to the build up of cerebral fluid and also the medication he was on. This fortunately has been now sorted out after a follow up visit to the Doctors and Specialist in Bangkok.

The Doctors have now placed Ralph on a different medication which seems to have done the trick, although the current medication prescribed is costly.

At the end of the Month another appointment with the specialist and MRI scan have been scheduled to check the recovery progress and also ascertain the size and status of the tumor.

Again with the ongoing medical appointments and medication the costs are expensive here in Thailand with the first appointment costing around ฿25,000 ($1,092AUD, $728USD, £587GBP, €669EUR) including medication.

Any ongoing help is greatly appreciated.

On another note I will also be handing the page over to Ralph for further updates and news, As I will be temporarily departing Thailand for work.

Again thank you all for the support and I am sure Ralph in the next update will give you all his personal thanks as well as an update post specialist appointment and MRI as to his progress.


Update from February 24 2023
15 months ago

Hi All,

Ralph and myself have recently received a few questions regarding issues with making a donation.

Unfortunately some people have been unable to make donations for the support fund, which I or Ralph are unable to answer.

This may be down to donations coming from different countries and regions. Or there may be other variables as to why donations cannot be finalized due to personal banks, and credit card processing etc.

Please see the link below for Weeboon assistance, they would be the best point of contact and hopefully they can resolve any issues that you may have with making a donation. Let’s hope they can resolve the problem.

Again many thanks for your support.



Update from February 21 2023
15 months ago

Hi All,

Latest update from Ralph, is that  he has spoken to the Surgeon and the operation was a success unfortunately the surgical team where unable to remove all of the Tumor due to its proximity to the Brain. Further invasive surgery may have had permanent effects in regards to brain damage so the team decided not to proceed. 

With still having a small layer of the tumor present, Ralph may need further treatment down the track in the form of Radiology.

That being said Ralph seems in good spirits and is sporting a lovely Kippah style bandage on his bonce. Currently he is out of ICU and in his own room and is expected to be released from Hospital all being well in a week. 

Thanks again for everyone's support both with donations and emails and messages etc. I will keep everyone updated as things progress.



Update from February 20 2023
15 months ago

Just an Uodate for everyone. Ralph underwent surgery yesterday afternoon at 5pm, 19th Feb.

I have spoken to Ralph this morning and he is currently in ICU Post operation. He had slight pain this morning on his left side so the medical staff have given him some medication currently to make him more comfortable. 

He is now waiting to see the Surgeon to get an update on how the surgery went and how long he will be required to remain in ICU before being moved to a general room.

I'll keep everyone updated as things progress.

And Ralph did say to thank everyone for their care and support and inquiries on how he's getting on. 

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First donor
4,000 THB
GWS Bro Goodluck with the operation and see you when your home. Cheers Wardy

Top contributor
22,000 THB
Best wishes from your brothers in Ireland

37 Donations
10 months ago
1,677 THB
Alison Fraser Hay
10 months ago
1,687 THB
Elizabeth Ashton
All the best Ralph for a positive outcome xx
12 months ago
2,003 THB
Rachel short
Get better soon dad . Grandkiddos are desperate to see you
Lots of love
12 months ago
1,565 THB
peter irwin
To a brother biker, hoping you a full recovery and a long life. Ride Free
12 months ago
4,000 THB
Marcus Ward
GWS mate and let’s hope this Radiation treatment does the trick.
13 months ago
1,956 THB
Peter Irwin
Wishing Ralph all the best for the future Live to Ride from OldBikerSmurf.
14 months ago
1,500 THB
Alison Hay
14 months ago
7,038 THB
Sue Somers
Stay strong Ralphie. xxx
14 months ago
1,740 THB
Hang in there Bruv ..Boots x
14 months ago
2,540 THB
Aitch, Jt, rik, House
Stay strong Ralph

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