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We need your help /donation for a appeal to court to be acquitted for a 2 1/2 year prison term, so our daughter wont be without her father and mother, but give us justice, freedom, humanity. A case which we will win, but only because your donation will make it possible

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The Story
18 months ago

                                                    Dear Friends

If you want to make a merit, feel good and a following good karma you have the opportunity now donating to our cause for justice and freedom

We lost it all due to injustice, greed, suppression, broke and a following court case  where the wealthy former English x-business partner, hereinafter named P. and his lawyers, mainly foreign lawyer proceeded in front of judge and stated lies that they had not been informed of following "  taken a loan in  property against security , to be paid back to private borrower" .I found the second day the wording in a hidden email box i have overlooked with the exact wording as prove , which would have acquitted us and put the opponent in serious trouble similar to what we have been through. P. had no power in the company, at the time, but was stil informed, p. even had approved in writing any loans.

I dont speak Thai so it made it even more disasters ( by law you are entitled to a translator but was not given) combined to my stress/anxiety level , which was already on a extreme high level from the day before , where we had left our resort for the last time with 2 suitcases and no money .

We had no power to defend ourselves

The case was set to last 3 days but lasted 1 hour .

We are a family of 3 My Thai wife Nattyia 34 year, Mali 5 year and I Danish stig wulff 64 year old

We have been married for 9 years. for the last 12 years we have build up a 4star resort from ground. known as Suan Sawan Ocean View on Koh Phangan

If you want to make a merit, feel good and a following good karma you have the opportunity now donating to 

My family because we need your help and donation for a appeal, so We dont go to prison for 2 1/2 years and our daughter without parents for 2 1/2 years. We will then be able to defend us self in a appeal to higher court ( until now it have not been possible because we have been in Koh Samui court and P.s total control and power. He have controlled our lives and shown no mercy, though the hole case have been based on their  lies, finally in front of judge. It should never have been a case,

As until now, the proces will be taken care of, also in future, by our outstanding and emphatic Thai lawyer, whom we are internally grateful . He and his wife have worked pro Bono ( for free) until now because they believe in justice. We will eventually, after the appeal, for sure have our freedom and justice with help from them and from you , our friends.

The case history/timeline in details, with evidence of our innocence( in fact evidence shows that P. is guilty)  through following link to website:

The court decision

We were forced to accept the deal with the judge ( faced with judges 90% guaranty that we would loose if we proceed ) for getting my pasport back , first in Thailand court history where pasport in a criminal case is given back, and for me to be able to travel abroad to make money to be paid to the opponent , then return  within 3 months time to court for check............but the deal was not going to be fulfilled from the Koh Samui court due to not align with immigration which brought huge problems and sufferings

Immigration problem

We had problems with Immigration who where not in align with the court decision, vise versa, as first case in Thailand as following short explain.

I have tried to get out of Thailand to reach Austria to make money, fulfil my job obligationens and the court decision. ,

It has been impossible to pay immigration for my 2 month overstay so they have kept me logged in Thailand with no work /money and a uncertain future controlled 100% by P. I have tried 3 times to pay overstay,( in that time the overstay increased from zero to 1 year with a 3 year ban from Thailand) at different borders /Immigrationens with no success ( one time checked in on flight but was taken off the flight again). specifik ful story from a - z in following link to website.


Bailout and prison for 2 days  ( with huge metal ankel chains 24/7 ,like in the past slavery history, but now for real) for me which was traumatic and terrible, and my wife. A Emigration/ court solution Luckily was made which lead us to be free to make a appeal and to be able to walk free from immigration until Appeal and out of P. control. Justice to be served

We are very grateful for the action / understanding taken by higher court Phuket judge and Immigration, who solved in couple of hours, first time in Thailand a situation/case solved like this, problematic /disasters/case, occurred from since december 2021. The overstay was neutralised because the judge handling, dated the case back to december 2021 (should have been from start ) due to court have had the passport from beginning and thereby for immigration stil a guaranty that i eventually will pay for overstay and stay in Thailand until when appeal is won.  

I have reached out to P. trying to plea for his understanding in following letter but no respons:

following is the specifik costs, for al 3 possible court appeals to higher courts.

appeal court cost ( 1 time fee):                                        200.000 baht / Euro

Lawyer cost total:                                                            300.000 baht / Euro

Travel cost (2000 kilometer each time in bus)                  20.000  baht /Euro

Total Donation need                                                      520.000 baht /Euro 14.132

My family's future is now in your hands dear friends . what

ever big or smal donation , al have grate importance. Please read all links, for your trust and believe, that we will win the appeal based on evidence and truth.

We will be internally grateful for all help

with love and Respect

Nattyia, Mali and stig



I will update continually through the case here on and 

we are verified by to be trusted

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, of any kind, dont hesitate to contact us.

We will be extreme grateful if you could spread the word to whom you know, friends and contacts

thank you so very much.


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