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Going to Japan 3 years to work to pay of a debt, and leave loved ones behind

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The Story
3 months ago

Let me introduce Sax, most wonderful, smiling, positive, sweet girl in the world.


Sax is 26 years old, very loving girl with a 3 year old daughter (Rose) living in Chang Rai, Thailand. When you meet her you will smile for sure, the positive attitude she has will effect you in your heart.


I am proud to say Sax is my girlfriend and i love her with all my heart! To be honest i never stop thinking about her. Sax had some bad luck and that turned her life upside down unfortunately.


Sax works on the market, wakes up at 3 o'clock in the night to buy vegetables and fruits to sell on the market in the morning, this just does to cover the debt she has to repay.


As you already guess Sax her financial situation is very bad at the moment, because of a person that had to do a job on a house and did not do what he had to do, to make it short the person that had to do the job walked away and left her with a huge debt.


Now there is a huge debt to repay to the bank.

The loan she has to pay back to the bank is 500,000 Thai Baht (US$ 16,000), maybe not much for certain people but in Thailand this is a huge amount and for me too.


Idea of Sax is to fly to Japan and she could have work there for the next 3 years, this will bring in every month 35,000 Thai Baht (US$ 1122).

She will send back to her family 20,000 Thai Baht (US$ 640) every month to pay off the debt. The debt was 300,000 Thai Baht (US$ 9600), but without a job the only solution was to take on the job in Japan.


Going to Japan comes with a price, financial and for both of us. To go to Japan cost money as well, such as Visa, traveling and agency to pay that provided her the job. The cost went up to a total of 500,000 Thai Baht (US$ 16,000)


Sax is currently in quarantine in Thailand for 14 days and on November 27 she will go to Japan and will have there her 14 days quarantine.


My last resort is to create this fundraiser to get her debt paid as soon as possible and she can return to her loved ones.

It is not only the financial debt that is the problem, it is also the 3 years Sax will be separated from her loved ones; her family, friends, her 3 year old daughter and me.


This is causing me and her a load of stress and worries. We are like a puzzle fitting so perfect together and are very in love every day of our life. Us being separated from each other will cause a lot of pain between us, as we never stop holding and loving each other with hugs and kisses. Sax is 26 years old i am 46 years old, we perfect for each other since the day we met.

Sax is a very positive, loving and smiling person always, even with all the problems in her mind.


Unfortunately, i am not in the position to pay it for her, because i have to pay myself a bill of 500,000 Thai Baht (US$ 16,000)


Therefor i created this fundraiser, hoping there are people that are willing to help her. Reduce the stress, worries and pain that she is caring with her daily.


I love Sax deeply with all my heart from the day i met her and i certainly do not want to lose her for the next 3 years. This will break our hearts.

Meeting the girl of your dreams and be separated from it is heartbreaking and very painful every second of the day. There is not a second i do not think about her or the financial problem, that causes this.


I am asking you to give some heart and support for Sax and share this campaign and/or donate to it, every little bit helps and will turn a smile on our faces and reduces stress for many people.


I hope i am able to surprise her with good news, because she needs it.


We thank you all from our hearts.

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Facebook Page:

This campaign will also be listed on gogetfunding, and fundrazr

Thailand NEWS

Update from March 01 2021
5 days ago

share and donate, 3 years seperated is to long...

another week finished, counting every day, good days and bad days, hard times are ahead we know that, living day by day. thinking of 3 years makes you depressed, so better not to do. Phone each other 3-4 times a day for very long, not 1 day is missed. miss her to much...

Be so kind to share and donate and help us out, every share and donation leads to a day closer to be together again.

oh for the people with negative comments, keep them for yourself, what you think you achieve with that? NOTHING AT ALL, only sadness. Seems some people do not understand a difficult time.

แบ่งปันและบริจาค 3 ปีที่แยกจากกันคือนาน ...

อีกหนึ่งสัปดาห์เสร็จสิ้นนับทุกวันวันที่ดีและวันที่เลวร้ายเวลาที่ยากลำบากอยู่ข้างหน้าเรารู้ว่าใช้ชีวิตไปวัน ๆ การคิดถึง 3 ปีทำให้คุณหดหู่ดังนั้นดีกว่าที่จะไม่ทำ โทรศัพท์หากันวันละ 3-4 ครั้งนานมากไม่พลาด 1 วัน คิดถึงเธอมาก ...


โอ้สำหรับคนที่มีความคิดเห็นเชิงลบเก็บไว้เพื่อตัวคุณเองคุณคิดว่าจะประสบความสำเร็จได้อย่างไร? ไม่มีอะไรมี แต่ความเศร้า ดูเหมือนบางคนไม่เข้าใจช่วงเวลาที่ยากลำบาก

Update from February 20 2021
2 weeks ago

memories are haunting me, i miss her and we talk every day a lot of time over the LINE APP, we have a lot of fun but it is not the same.
she start to think to much, so do i.. I know we have to confront the difficult times. but it is hard. When will our future together continue? is what i ask myself every day.

Update from February 10 2021
3 weeks ago

Days are passing, ): Sax got me a bit worried, she start to think more and feeling sad some days. We just want to be together and continue our life together and not waste 3 years before that is possible. 1095 days is long. Trying to find new ways to earn some extra and trying to save money, what is not easy while paying off a debt myself.

waiting for the day i pay of my debt will be easier to start paying off her debt, in the mean time just hoping for a miracle of donations and people to share the campaign.

หลายวันกำลังผ่านไป ): แซ็กซ์ทำให้ฉันกังวลเล็กน้อยเธอเริ่มคิดมากขึ้นและรู้สึกเศร้าในบางวัน เราแค่อยากอยู่ด้วยกันและใช้ชีวิตร่วมกันต่อไปและไม่เสียเวลา 3 ปีก่อนหน้านั้นไปได้ 1095 วันนั้นยาวนาน พยายามหาช่องทางใหม่ ๆ ในการหารายได้พิเศษและพยายามประหยัดเงินสิ่งที่ไม่ง่ายในขณะที่ชำระหนี้ด้วยตัวเอง


Update from February 03 2021
1 month ago

Saxie in the morning (3 o'clock in the night Thailand Time, Japan 5 o'clock) getting ready for work, miss her extremely a lot and yesterday she was extremely sad, when she phoned... we want to be with each other and the frustration that we can not is unbearable to be honest. Ever had that feeling you want something so badly, but you can not? How long more? 3 years? or with your help we can make it shorter and we not wasting 3 years of our life to finally be again together!

Update from January 25 2021
1 month ago

missing my Saxie a lot, hope a miracle will happen (but i doubt it to be honest) it gives a lot of stress and disappointment to be honest and if not strong enough you get depressed from it... if you know what i know.... and things are going in you head 20 times a day... is depressing... Trying a lot to save money and is difficult if you have to pay yourself a lot of money back. Cutting corners everywhere on everything, living like a bum and looking for more ways to cut down on more costs... No extras or anything i buy just what i need, FOOD and that is it. share and care so we can make this happen, i have been 3 years alone before and i do not like it, and i also think is not needed now if people make a small contribution to the fundraiser. Donate, Share and care please. What if it was you? You ever been 3 years alone? and now maybe another 3 years? i doubt that too...

Update from January 19 2021
1 month ago

​Be so kind to share the campaign anywhere you can, If you can not donate maybe other people can and willing to do it, with a limit of time i have in the day, i would appreciate the 2 second you can do this to get more exposure

thank you

Update from January 11 2021
1 month ago

27 years old today my Saxie!

Update from January 07 2021
1 month ago

11 January is Sax's Birthday she will be 27 years old!


Update from January 05 2021
2 months ago

tomorrow first day of Sax going to work in Japan, to be honest it is very hard, and every day more, miss her extremely a lot. It is very frustrating, i can not be with her, hold her and huge her. i can not really explain in words. but it is very annoying feeling. Hope your day is better.

Update from December 31 2020
2 months ago

Hope the best for you all with the new year and hope the best for me and Saxie in 2021

Update from December 23 2020
2 months ago

Just feeling a bit sad, trying all i can with my 2 hands

To Saxie

From Saxie

Update from December 18 2020
2 months ago

Good view point in Japan

try to upload the video here but not working so have a look

Update from December 16 2020
2 months ago

Only 1 hour a day internet, Today is the birthday of Rosie (Daughter)

Update from December 14 2020
2 months ago

Internet in the school in Japan is really bad and they only give her 1 hour internet in the evening, very frustrating not able to talk with her the entire days.

Update from December 13 2020
2 months ago

I feel sad today, she moved out of quarantine to the Japanese school she stay there 2 weeks with 6 other people in the room, internet connection is extremely bad, and it is very difficult to speak normal to each other, i am a bit down these days, spend a lot of time on promoting the fundraiser everywhere i can and i do not sleep good at all only 4 hours a day. I am thinking to much as Sax tell me all the time, miss her extremely and try to see the positive light in the end of the tunnel, but it is very hard to be honest. Of course i do not give up, but i need a small break, my emotions running high and many different emotions (i am diabetic type 2) at the same time, hard to concentrate on my work. I am a online Freelancer (, or see our full profile here

I want to say thank you to all donators so far, it makes me happy to see people care and share it, really appreciate that a lot, more then you will ever know.

i try to come up with new ideas to get in more donations, next week go to Bangkok to Sticker the town a bit with the fundraiser stickers i designed and made.

Thank you all and a pleasant Sunday!

-->Also from my 'crazy' Sax

Update from December 08 2020
2 months ago

Missing Sax a lot we speak a lot on the phone, sometimes make me extremely sad, not able to be with her, to hold her and hug her, very hard to run this campaign, please help us sharing it if you can not donate, we appreciate that a lot!

Share and care

Update from December 03 2020
3 months ago

Thank you very much to donate on Weeboon much appreciated!

Update from November 30 2020
3 months ago

And then it fall asleep

Update from November 30 2020
3 months ago

missing her

Update from November 30 2020
3 months ago

Cold in Japan

Update from November 27 2020
3 months ago

Today (right now as i write this) Sax is leaving to Japan ​Sad but true we hope people willing to help this is really a desperate moment all i try to do is get her back as soon as possible

Update from November 16 2020
3 months ago

Let me give her some good news on 21 November, is the last time we can be together!

Bless you all!

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